edu.rice.cs.plt.collect Contains general-purpose extensions to and variations on the java.util collections framework.
edu.rice.cs.plt.concurrent Contains tools to support safe multi-threaded programs.
edu.rice.cs.plt.debug Defines a variety of logging classes, along with other facilities for code-embedded debugging. Provides extensions to the package, which provides character- and byte- based streams and buffers, files, file filters, and serialization.
edu.rice.cs.plt.iter A collection of implementations of Iterable and Iterator.
edu.rice.cs.plt.lambda A collection of interfaces facilitating first-class functions in Java.
edu.rice.cs.plt.recur Classes enabling safe handling of infinite or extremely deep recursion.
edu.rice.cs.plt.reflect Facilities for loading and accessing Class objects and other reflection APIs.
edu.rice.cs.plt.text Provides support for various manipulations of strings.
edu.rice.cs.plt.tuple Classes for the type-parameterized representation of tuples.