Project Properties

The Project Properties dialog box allows you to set two optional properties to better utilize the project facility. To access the Project Properties dialog, select "Project, Project Properties".

Project Root: This is the directory where the source files are located. It corresponds to the default package of your project. If no directory is entered, the directory containing the project file is assumed.

Build Directory: Set this if you want your compiled files to be compiled to a directory other than the source directory. This is often useful if your project is large or you want to be able to clean the build directory (see the option on the Project menu).

Working Directory: DrJava will use this directory as "current" directory for the Interactions pane and the user program.

Main Class: This allows you to specify the class that holds the main method for the project. When this is set, you can use "Project, Run Main Class" to launch the program.

Extra Classpath: In this section you can list directories or JAR files that should be included on the classpath while you are working with this project. The classes added this way are available both in the Interactions pane and when compiling.