Chapter 3. Using DrJava, the Basics

Table of Contents

Running DrJava
Opening and Creating Files
Saving Files
Compiling Files
The Interactions Pane
Find and Replace

Okay, you've downloaded DrJava. Now, how do you use it? You're about to find out. This chapter will tell you how to run DrJava as well as how to do basic file editing and compilation. You'll also learn how to use the most powerful feature of DrJava: The Interactions Pane

Running DrJava

If you are running on Windows, all you need to do is double-click DrJava's .exe file, and DrJava will launch. On Mac OSX, unpack the osx.tar.gz (you can use StuffIt), and drag the file to Applications. On all other platforms, run DrJava from the command line by giving the command java -jar nameOfJar.jar (nameOfJar.jar should be the name of the DrJava jar you downloaded).