A Quick Start Guide to DrJava

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Getting Ready to Use DrJava
Downloading the JDK
Downloading DrJava
3. Using DrJava, the Basics
Running DrJava
Opening and Creating Files
Saving Files
Compiling Files
The Interactions Pane
Find and Replace
4. Advanced Features
JUnit Testing of Files
Generating JavaDoc Documentation
The Debugger
Using the Debugger
5. The Project Facility
Tree View
Creating and Saving a Project
Saving Your Project
Opening a Project
Compiling Your Project
Testing Your Project
Running a Project
Clean Build Directory
Project Properties
6. The Preferences Menu
Resource Locations
Display Options
Fonts Options
Color Options
Window Positions
Key Bindings
Compiler Options
Interactions Pane
Debugger Options
Javadoc Options
Notifications Options
Miscellaneous Options
File Types
JVM Options