Chapter 6. Project Administration

Table of Contents

Building All Parts of DrJava from Scratch
Making a File Release

This section contains instructions for project administrators.

Note: Our build process is currently broken for Windows machines (see "Making a File Release", step 6, "Make the release and put it into Subversion".)

Building All Parts of DrJava from Scratch

These are the instructions to create a fresh build of all parts of DrJava, including the constituent libraries.

  1. Check out trunk (svn co, or if you have trunk checked out, update it.

  2. cd drjava

  3. ant clean jar

  4. cd ../platform

  5. export DRJAVA_JAR=../drjava/drjava.jar

  6. ant clean compile-??? jar

    Note: Which compile-??? targets you can run depends on the platform you are compiling on. You need to be on a Mac to run compile-mac and on Windows to run compile-windows. Since the compiled classes are stored in Subversion, you can always do

    ant clean jar

    to just get all the class files without recompiling.

  7. cp platform.jar ../drjava/lib

  8. cd ../plt

  9. ant clean test jar

  10. Copy the generated new plt.jar file over all other plt.jar files. This can be done using

    find .. -name plt.jar -not -samefile plt.jar | xargs -n 1 cp -v plt.jar

  11. cd ../dynamicjava

  12. ant clean test jar-base

  13. cp dynamicjava-base.jar ../drjava/lib

  14. cd ../javalanglevels

  15. ant clean test jar-base

  16. cp javalanglevels-base.jar ../drjava/lib

  17. cd ..

  18. Continue with the instructions below for building just DrJava, but not plt.jar, etc. from scrach.